Why Jarvis Airfoil

Because we have been delivering excellence in gas turbine component manufacturing for over 60 years.

@Jarvis our culture of quality comes first, always.

Jarvis is a manufacturer of complex, tight-tolerance components, focused on providing our customers in the aerospace and energy markets with expertly managed supply chain solutions. We have aligned a highly experienced management team with a skilled and proactive workforce to provide engineering and manufacturing solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements, and that deliver on time and on budget.


General Electric
Pratt and Whitney
R&R Aviation
Aerojet Rocketdyne

WHAT’S NEXT:  Jarvis will grow in markets that require complex manufactured components through implementation of technologically advanced manufacturing and quality solutions while exceeding customer needs through expertly managed supply chain solutions.

World Class / People / Equipment / Systems / Delivering / Quality / Service /Value

Jarvis Airfoil Is a company comprising world-class people, equipment and systems, dedicated to delivering the best value components to the industries that we serve.

Our Highly trained work force is backed by a 100 years of history in manufacturing. Company History

Our customers can be content in the knowledge that our competitively priced made to order products are produced to the highest quality standards, and consistently delivered in accordance with all requirements.

Jarvis Airfoil defines “state of the art” manufacturing, employing high speed single and multi axis machining, turning, broaching, wire EDM, creep feed grinding and automated shop floor control. All machining operations are managed using real time computerized statistical process control, (S.P.C.) in order to ensure the integrity and the quality of the process and therefore the product.

All aspects of our operation are computer controlled starting with business management software that is integrated into the shop floor processes. Additionally we employ Unigraphics CAD/CAM workstations, a paperless shop floor and networked S.P.C. systems.

Jarvis Airfoil offers purchasing departments the option of simplification through vertical integration. Raw material procurement, machining, surface finishing, heat treatment, coating and welding into assemblies provide a one-stop location for you finished component requirements.

We look forward to doing business with you!


Jarvis Employees